Contribute to Science

Help us make how we live a key part of measuring our health

Today healthcare is episodic. Care happens in the doctor’s office, with big gaps between visits. It’s an incomplete picture. But what if we could fill those gaps with data from the sensors in your phone?

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With, millions of smartphone data points roll up into thousands of data sets, representing each of our users. Together, this information helps us better understand the relationship between behavior and health.

We call this process of understanding “mapping the behavior genome.” Just like our DNA is made out of millions of nucleotides, our behavior genomes are made out of millions of individual data points.

More data means we can learn more about you, and your conditions. When you use, you contribute to science.

If you contribute to science, we can too:
Answer our questions

Tell us about your mood, sleep and general well-being. These questions help us learn about you and give you a chance to reflect.

Send us your patterns (passively)

Our app sits quietly on your phone and reports back on how you spend your day. It's secure, safe and has minimal battery and data impact.

Give us feedback is still a work in progress. We ask your patience as we figure out the best way to provide you with connection and insights—and ask for your thoughts!

Why your contribution matters:
For you

Connect with your daily behavior data. We'll put you in touch with your health and the people who are there to help you.

For all of us

Your contribution will benefit a community of people living with your condition — and any condition. You'll help us shape the future of healthcare and make well-being an essential part of care.