Depressive symptoms & Clinical depression

Grief counseling (or loss of a loved one)

Caregiver stress

Anxiety and psychological support related to co-morbidities and chronic conditions (cancer,  heart disease, diabetes) 

Medications and prescriptions support

Stress & Anxiety 

Couples therapy and relationship struggles

Workplace stress  (new roles, layoffs, etc)

Support for new moms (and perinatal depression)

Some types of substance abuse disorders

We simplify on-boarding and adoption for your employees

At, we believe employees are consumers first. In addition to a high-quality consumer experience, we also help your HR and leadership team ensure your team can actively discover and use  Contact us to learn more how we partner in your success.


We augment your existing EAP benefits

Even though most employers provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), industry-wide utilization of EAP behavioral health benefits is < 3%. augments your EAP program with continuous support for stressed and anxious employees, and on-demand clinical care exactly when employees need it most. We also offer video visits with licensed therapists and psychiatrists privately from anywhere, anytime

If you are self-insured, can help reduce your medical spend is a licensed medical provider that can be covered by your health insurance plan. We help you build cost savings on a per visit (or case rate) basis for employees who seek treatment.  We also expand scope of support to employees in the mild-to-moderate symptomatic range, who may not be seeking help today due to stigma and a poor experience.


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