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There's a lot to learn about how you're doing from how you use your phone. How you go about your day reflects how you're feeling.'s Android and iPhone apps use data from your phone to safely and securely watch for days when your health may take a hit. We then connect you with care providers who can step in when it matters most.

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Your data can help you

We turn how you use your phone into insights for your care provider

You get support

Your clinical team can receive alerts when something has changed

You connect with information

Your behavior patterns become valuable, sharable information

“It's about my ability to get engaged by tracking my symptoms...In a busy world, is an efficient use of my time. I don't mind spending a few spare minutes here and there to catch up on my health and assess how I'm doing.”Jennie David Care AdvocateImprove Care Now Blog
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Today, we're using the platform for patient support at partner institutions and research into a select number of conditions.

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