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Omar Dawood, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Omar is a clinician and stage IV cancer survivor with over 20 years of experience leading transformative change within healthcare. Omar has served in leadership positions in both public and private companies over the past 10 years. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society named him the 2010 Silicon Valley Man of the Year for his national fundraising efforts supporting cancer research.

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Mimi Winsberg, MD

Psychiatry Lead

Mimi promotes wellness through education, insight, and behavioral change, and psychopharmacology. She is a Stanford trained psychiatrist with over 20 years of clinical experience. Mimi tailors her therapeutic approach to the individual, and believes that medication is best managed in the context of a psychotherapeutic relationship. She believes in the role that coaching can play on emotional health, and incorporates these principles into her work with Ginger.io.

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Dana Udall, PhD

Head of Psychology

Dana has spent the last two decades helping individuals and groups make positive and enduring changes in their lives. She is licensed Psychologist with a PhD from the University of Southern California and Pre- and Post-Doctoral training from the University of Pennsylvania. Dana worked in a wide range of settings before coming to Ginger.io, including residential treatment centers, intensive outpatient programs, university counseling centers, and private practice. At the cornerstone of Dana’s work is her belief in the power of relationships to help people heal and grow.

Heather Muszynski  

Coaching Lead

Heather is highly experienced in the process of health behavior change. Heather loves helping others identify and refine their own unique health goals, that will enable them to lead more healthy, balanced lives. Since becoming a coach, she has supported countless individuals to take a mindful approach to leading more healthy, balanced lives. 

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Jodi Moss, MFT

Therapy Lead

Jodi is a deeply caring and devoted marriage and family therapist who is committed to building a strong therapeutic alliance with her clients. She regards the therapeutic process as uniquely sacred and provides a safe environment
where acceptance, curiosity, empathic attunement, collaboration and even humor are all important ingredients to work with. As Therapy Lead, Jodi works hard to ensure all Ginger.io members receive the
highest-quality, personalized online mental health care.

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Karan Singh

Co-founder & Clinical Head

Karan Singh is the co-founder and head of the clinical team. He has extensive experience across the healthcare ecosystem working in management consulting, informatics, and emerging markets. Karan is a frequent speaker on healthcare innovation and new models of mental health treatment and delivery. 

Meet our coaches


We rigorously screen our coaches and clinicians to ensure professional, high-quality care that you can access right from your own couch. Finding care shouldn’t induce anxiety — we offer real support that’s always just a tap away.

Nikki Hines


Nikki has worked with individuals in one-on-one and group settings to facilitate behavior change in the mental health field for two decades. Her experience, education, and continuous learning has assisted her in being the positive, caring, empathetic, and motivational coach she strives to be everyday for her members.


Chris is  a mindfulness oriented coach with a masters of education in transpersonal psychology and transformative coaching from Sofia University. His approach is influenced heavily by his experience as a yoga teacher.  He focus his clients on the cultivation of awareness and finding a centered place to generate thoughtful reflections, goals, and action plans.

Life Coach Catherine Chen


Catherine is a Ph.D. and works with her clients to move past the guilt, frustration, and turbulence that prevent them from living a life of passion and purpose. Catherine has coached hundreds of individuals in achieving goals around career transitions, managing stress, weight, and chronic illness, in the wellness, biotechnology and healthcare industries.



Ryan is a dedicated and empathetic therapist with experience across adult, family and adolescent populations. He has extensive training in trauma, mood, and personality disorders and served as the Community Manager for Ginger.io’s direct-to-consumer offering.


Gillian has worked with clients one-on-one and in diverse group settings to guide them as they make the changes they seek for their overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. She is passionate about supporting others to accomplish their goals while being their “guide on the side.” She is a certified Health Coach, Community Herbalist and Yoga teacher.



Whitney has a background in psychology and public health and has had extensive experience in working with diverse populations on behavioral health problems. She is passionate about working with individuals to help them achieve their health goals and bringing mental health care to all who need it.

Jazzmin Cohen


Jazz has worked in the psychology field for eight years, providing therapy in a variety of settings to adults and adolescents struggle to cope with the stressors of everyday life. Jazz has a passion for psychology and strives to assist others with achieving their desired lifestyle changes.


Bentley is a mental health and holistic family wellness coach. While pursuing his Master's Degree in Advanced Psychology of Leadership Coaching, he helps clients intentionally redesign fresh, new, passion-directed lives. He helps others do what they love again, so they can more fully love who they are again.

Meet Our Therapists

Giselle Bayard


Giselle is passionate about helping clients find their voice during a difficult season in their lives. She invites her clients to take a journey with her to explore their inner strengths and discover opportunities for change.  Her therapeutic orientation consists of working with individuals and families from a systemic framework.

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Gavett Burch


Good therapy starts with creating a safe and affirming space for everyone through acceptance, encouragement, and empowerment. I'll help you discover your unique path to a more satisfying, joyful, and fulfilling life– all are welcome and gently cared for.

Debbie Losada


I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) licensed marriage and family therapist who uses a strengths-based approach to support my clients. I believe that everyone has within them the capacity to heal. I see my purpose as a therapist to accept individuals where they are at and to guide them to where they would like to go. 

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Steven Goff


Quality psychotherapy starts with a strong rapport that is built on trust and a non-judgmental environment. I value listening to a person’s story and helping them make sense of their past, take responsibility for their present, and be encouraged by their future.


Therapist Jennifer Denning.jpg

Jennifer Denning


We don’t usually seek help when life is working for us. Whatever your issues are,  you are seeking help because what you have been doing is no longer working.  I provide a warm, engaging and interactive environment where change is possible.

Therapist Anna Noble.jpg

Anna Noble


When people come to therapy, they are looking for some change in their lives. They have likely tried to make those changes before, but somehow were unable to achieve the desired result. I believe that understanding the factors that keep someone from implementing a change is the key to therapy.

Therapist Bill Yockey.jpg

Bill Yockey


Developing a good relationship of trust and confidence is essential to therapeutic success. I see the therapist as a guide and support for the client as they take control of their own life journey. I believe in the innate good of every person and in everyone’s ability to manage their own lives, with the right education, proper skills and empathetic support.


Meet Our Psychiatrists

Akhil Mehra, MD, PhD


Akhil uses forward thinking, personalized care that prioritizes the patient. He believes that medications, when used safely with other treatments, can be an important part of an overall care plan.

Mimi Winsberg, MD


Mimi promotes wellness through education, insight, and behavioral change, as well as psychopharmacology.

Nina Vasan, MD


Nina believes that every patient should have access to the medication and care they need. She works hard in her sessions with clients to deliver care that is respectful, hopeful and personal. 

Jake Behrens

Jake Behrens, MD


Jake is passionate about helping others, and is sensitive to the unique needs and ambitions of every patient. He believes everyone should have access to world class care, and that telehealth can help get patients that care quickly and effectively. 

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Ami Baxi, MD, PhD


Dr. Ami Baxi specializes in treating psychiatric disorders, including mood disorders, depression, anxiety, women's health, perinatal psychiatry (prenatal, preganancy, postpartum), insomnia, and trauma.  

Shani Isaac, MD


Shani is a Harvard and Stanford trained psychiatrist with a passion for providing high quality, individualized healthcare.  Shani is dedicated to increasing access to mental healthcare through innovation, education, and task-shifting.


To schedule a psychiatry appointment, 
email help@ginger.io or call 1-855-446-4374