Erica is a Master Certified Wellness Coach with a Master's degree in clinical Social Work. With 9 years experience in behavioral health services, she believes in whole body health in healing, whether that be for physical health and wellness or emotional health and well-being. As a Coach, she provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to share your feelings and talk about what matters to you.

Life Coach Catherine Chen


Catherine is a Ph.D. and works with her clients to move past the guilt, frustration, and turbulence that prevent them from living a life of passion and purpose. Catherine has coached hundreds of individuals in achieving goals around career transitions, managing stress, weight, and chronic illness, in the wellness, biotechnology and healthcare industries.



Ryan is a dedicated and empathetic therapist with experience across adult, family and adolescent populations. He has extensive training in trauma, mood, and personality disorders and served as the Community Manager for’s direct-to-consumer offering.


Gillian has worked with clients one-on-one and in diverse group settings to guide them as they make the changes they seek for their overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. She is passionate about supporting others to accomplish their goals while being their “guide on the side.” She is a certified Health Coach, Community Herbalist and Yoga teacher.