Meet Our Psychiatrists

Akhil Mehra, MD, PhD


Akhil uses forward thinking, personalized care that prioritizes the patient. He believes that medications, when used safely with other treatments, can be an important part of an overall care plan.

Mimi Winsberg, MD


Mimi promotes wellness through education, insight, and behavioral change, as well as psychopharmacology.

Nina Vasan, MD


Nina believes that every patient should have access to the medication and care they need. She works hard in her sessions with clients to deliver care that is respectful, hopeful and personal. 

Jake Behrens

Jake Behrens, MD


Jake is passionate about helping others, and is sensitive to the unique needs and ambitions of every patient. He believes everyone should have access to world class care, and that telehealth can help get patients that care quickly and effectively. 

Ami Baxi.jpg

Ami Baxi, MD, PhD


Dr. Ami Baxi specializes in treating psychiatric disorders, including mood disorders, depression, anxiety, women's health, perinatal psychiatry (prenatal, preganancy, postpartum), insomnia, and trauma.  

Shani Isaac, MD


Shani is a Harvard and Stanford trained psychiatrist with a passion for providing high quality, individualized healthcare.  Shani is dedicated to increasing access to mental healthcare through innovation, education, and task-shifting.


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