In-the-moment emotional support offers emotional support coaching, therapy, and psychiatry. We provide the right level of emotional support and care, at the right time. Coaches are available to chat anytime, at a moment’s notice—whether it’s the middle of the night, a weekend or a holiday.


Around-the-clock Coaching

Coaches can help you achieve personal goals or just be there when you need someone to talk to—day or night.  


Convenient Therapy & Psychiatry

Expert, licensed therapists and psychiatrists are available for video sessions.


Personalized Self-care

Coaches will share self-care Guides to help you achieve your goals and support you every step of the way.

How works


Get started today and receive a free initial consultation. You'll be matched with an emotional support coach, and chatting in under a minute.


In-the-moment Support

Receive replies to your messages just in minutes, not hours. Chat with your coach wherever you are, whenever you want.


Right Care, Right Time

We offer individualized care and proven strategies to meet you, where you are today and in the future.


Confidential & Secure

Everything you share is kept completely confidential and treated as HIPAA-protected health information.



Full Spectrum of Care

Work with coaches to achieve goals, therapists to deepen self-awareness or psychiatrists for medication management and treatment.


Personalized Plan

We aim to find the best type of care for you. Using tools backed by machine learning, we’ll tailor your care to your unique needs and goals.  


Measurement Matters

As a licensed, nationwide medical provider, we practice measurement-based care. Using advanced data science, we help our care teams track your progress.

What members say


Before I started with, I had no purpose and my confidence was at an all-time low. The team provided a detailed plan, actionable goals, and many resources.’s care is aimed at helping you become a better version of yourself. After 4 months, I had a renewed sense of purpose, my confidence was back to where it was before and I was happy.


About us is a licensed, nationwide medical provider that offers emotional and mental health support. Founded over 6 years ago,’s mission is to increase access to high quality behavioral health care by powering their team of expert coaches, therapists and psychiatrists with machine learning and AI technology.  We validated our AI engine by partnering with 40 leading healthcare organizations and nearly a million consumers.

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